The Invitation


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big embodied love to you,


welcome, welcome woman…


I’d like to tell you a fiery, somewhat scandalous secret:

you might think

  • your woman’s body is a mistake
  • what you desire deeply, will cost you dearly
  • you cannot trust other women
  • if you want to get it done, you have to do it all yourself
  • someday soon you’ll deserve to rest, to enjoy and to savor your success


but what if instead you knew in your bones

  • when you put off pleasure for later, later becomes never
  • your creative power flows through your sexual power
  • your woman’s body is hooked up to infallible genius
  • for every thing you long to birth, someone is on the edge of their seat, wishing for it?
  • divine guidance isn’t out there, somewhere, woman, it’s in you


I bottom line it like this.

this sexy, divine wisdom speaks to you

through you

through your body

through your woman’s body

through what I call your ORACLE

actually, it’s the



div_hz_black you know what I mean.   divine creative energy = your sensual energy, so your Oracle =

  • the source of your desires
  • the voice of your desires
  • a clear pool of clarity
  • the seat of your self-confidence
  • the sprinkler of mojo and the life of the party


yes, I just said

  • god is in your short hairs
  • & wise counsel is not out there somewhere, m’lady
  • it’s right ‘twixt your thighs, m’lady …

… and She’s got a lot to say to you.


when you find, channel + give voice

to the Oracle Between Your Legs

this changes everything.


an ORACLE-LED woman?  an EMBODIED woman?

  • she feels good in her body
  • she knows how to receive, not just give
  • around her, people fall in love with themselves & can’t wait to be great
  • for her, epic intimacy is the norm
  • you can’t wait to get closer to her
  • she lets loose a desire & the universe stands up and cheers
  • she knows how to let it come to her and how to let it in when it comes
  • she sees a powerful, beautiful woman, and says, “she’s one of my kind”
  • her sensual life heats up several notches (what good is a personal Oracle, if not for some big, beautiful Os?)
  • she measures her success also by the ability to savor right now (she knows how to open the aperture of her senses and let life flood in)


she has discovered that woman

is a verb, not a noun

and, with her life, is answering the question,

“how do YOU woman?”


emilytepper2014simply said:

  • when a woman says enough to bashing herself, going numb and paying the price of success with her juiciness
  • when she lets her own guidance lead, shakes loose her desires, befriends her body & turns on her inner lights, the world STANDS UP AND TAKES NOTICE.

and every time this happens, it’s a miracle.


div_hz_black here’s what I’ve found

  • in my 10+ years with clients
  • working with 100s of students
  • & making the difference for 1 woman, again + again
  • there are …



when you Channel Your Oracle, you Make Miracles out of your life




who is this designed for?

this high-touch Mentorship is perfect when

  • you are done second guessing yourself and you want to source your inner wisdom + personal power on a daily basis
  • you want to channel the juicy genius of the Oracle Between Your Legs into your living + loving
  • you have a hunch I am the mentor to guide you there



you crave a Mentor who

  • walks her talk + coaxes out the shiniest parts of you
  • has carved the path you want to take, will show you how + then demand you make it your own
  • will give you expert, undivided attention on your life

angelinadeweese2014gina_k_2you desire sisterhood

  • what do you think happens when you surround yourself with women who are at home in their skins, have a compass at their core, know their worth … and are playing for keeps on the leading-edge of this paradigm-shifting moment in history?




untapped POWER.

uncensored BRILLIANCE.

unmistakable GENIUS.


what will you use it for?


how the mentorship rolls out:

splotch_bullet1-on-1 deep-dive work:

welcome to the big, beautiful beating heart of your transformation.

LiYanaOneOnOneall done by phone or Skype, about every other week, with mug of tea in hand and magic afoot, you’ll (oh so delicately) have your brain rewired and your stumbling blocks removed.

partly through our series of deep-dives that i call “belief re-patterning” where you’ll shift more in a single session than a year in therapy, and partly through our series of coaching sessions, where you’ll get the real-life tacticals and practicals that support the changes we’re making on the inside.


splotch_bullet lush in-person retreats:

we begin together and we end together; three-day experiences where you, me, your sisters, luminous guest teachers and the Big She get into the work, the play, the nitty-gritty and the grace of your embodied brilliance.

retreat #1:  racy & radical SF bay area, california

… where your Heroine’s Journey begins.  theories and ideas get us only so far.  so it’s body practices, movement challenges, somatic risk-taking, soul stretching and direct experiences that take you the rest of the way so you can Embody the greatest of theories and ideas.



  • learn how to stay open and grounded, even in conflict and stressful times.
  • learn how to transition smoothly from your “masculine” do/work/accomplish-mode to your “feminine” be/receive/delight mode.
  • discover secret power spots and magical zones on your woman’s body (that aren’t in most anatomy books!)
  • find and move your life-force energy (aka shakti aka kundalini; it’s the dial on your LIGHT, m’lady)
  • feel safe being seen, being raw, being vulnerable.
  • master what to do when it.  just.  plain.  sucks. (a crash course in the wisdom of the “dark” feminine)
  • discover how to move your body in that “she OWNS it!” kind of way
  • learn how to ask for what you want in a way that’s nearly impossible for others to say anything but “yes!” to.
  • master the skill of being able to coax out beauty, fun and joy – anywhere, anytime

retreat #2:  rollicking & restorative san francisco, california

… where you settle into your Divine Rightness.  the point where your stubbornest limitations, your sneakiest fears and your most toxic self-doubts have made their full transition into YOU, embodying your fierce, feminine brilliance.


  • “i don’t know” becomes “even when i’m unclear, i’ll never feel lost again.”
  • “i’m not good enough” becomes “i am an enormous contribution to any room i enter.”
  • “i hate my body” becomes “my body is a wise, wise guide. always was, i was just too busy to listen!”
  • “i am invisible” becomes “i am a real-deal direct transmission of the real-world divine feminine.
  • “i don’t have a voice” becomes “around me, people feel seen, heard and celebrated.”
  • “i can’t ask for what i need” becomes “for every one of my desires, there is someone waiting on the edge of their seat for it.”
  • “i don’t belong” becomes “these powerful, beautiful women?  this is my tribe.”
  • “i feel stuck” becomes “i’ve got everything i need within me.”

… because:  when you get it in your body, you get it in your life.


splotch_bulletgroup training classes:

welcome to the seven feminine embodiment practices.

these are purely virtual beauties, interwoven into our 6 months where you’ll practice and master becoming Oracle-Led.

communecommune with your Oracle

where else could we start aside from what you truly want?

your Oracle is a sacred vessel and voice for your truth, wisdom & guidance.

expect to:

  • find your Oracle and learn the language your body (and the Divine Feminine) speaks in
  • learn why your Oracle is “sacred vessel” and voice of your truth
  • get why your inner guidance can be hard to hear, and how to cultivate this important conversation
  • gauge the difference between the voice of fear and the voice of your intuition


swirl-class1dignify your desires

your desires are holistically hooked into the greater good and the highest energy for all, so where else could we start aside from what you truly want?

knowing, speaking & receiving what you truly desire are badass feminine ninja skilz, yo.

expect to:

  • clearly hear your deepest, sweetest wants
  • realize that having needs is not the same as being “needy”
  • learn how to ask for what you want in a way that’s nearly impossible to say anything but “YES!” to


swirl-class2prioritize pleasure

it has to become as easy for you to reach for your happiness and joy as a latte.

having your inner lights turned-on is not a condiment or garnish, it’s one of the major food groups for the embodied woman.

expect to:

  • feel good, really good, even when life hands you a doozie.
  • notice heads turning in your direction (& you’re not freaked out by it, but rather you welcome it).
  • feel your sensual/sexual life bump up several notches, often into the realms of spiritual bliss.


swirl3synch with your cycles

your feminine cyclical nature is not a mistake, it’s your interface with universal cosmic intelligence.

when you can get down with your UPs and DOWNs, you reclaim around 50% of your energy, clarity, productivity, sauce and sass.

expect to:

  • watch your base-level anxiety decrease along with your feelings of “i’m crazy, wrong and broken.”
  • watch your productivity and focus increase, along with your enjoyment.
  • learn how to transition smoothly from your “masculine” do/work/accomplish-mode to your “feminine” be/receive/delight mode.


swirl-class4activate your receiver

the degree to which you can receive is the degree to which you can give.  the degree to which you can receive is the degree to which you experience Meaning and Connection.

sister, i know you know how to go out and make shit happen; but do you know how to let it come to you + let it in when it arrives?

expect to:

  • feel more.  a LOT more.  ecstasy becomes a daily experience.
  • stop feeling awkward with compliments; instead feel them revving your engines.
  • watch yourself GETTING the stuff you’ve been TRYING to get:  new love, epic love, new job, better job with better money.


feelfeel it, all of it

each emotion carries a special message and medicine for you; when you stand in their fire, they will reveal their powerful wisdom and truth.

expect to:

  • learn the wisdom and core message that each emotion, including the “dark” ones like anger, grief, blame, shame and depression, have for you
  • learn somatic practices for being with the intensity of emotions
  • discover this embodied path to trusting your feelings, yourself and life itself


swirl-class5when in doubt, celebrate

regularly appreciating your self, your life + your sisters is not fluff, it’s an ass-kicking practice.

when you master the arts of celebratory listening and celebratory seeing, you gain the superpower ability to coax out beauty, fun and joy wherever you go.

expect to:

  • know what to do when you don’t know what to do and you’re at rock bottom of your bag of tricks.
  • realize you are the kind of woman around whom others feel loved.  whole.  healed.  and the best versions of themselves.
  • direct transmission of the Divine Feminine, ON.


splotch_bullet guest luminaries:

cutting-edge, customized training from some of my own brilliant mentors.

kate-niebauerdancing your issues out of your tissues

with Kate Niebauer

An internationally-beloved movement facilitator, Kate sources from the Kathakali, Butoh, Five Rhythms and Ecstatic Dance lineages; she is also a writer, painter and dreamer, digging wells to god.

lisadivine feminine energy in real life

with Lisa Schrader

Author-Coach-Speaker, founder of Awakening Shakti

Supporting conscious, professional women (& the men who love them) with awakening their tantric sacred sexual power.

sabrina chawembodying the fierce feminine

with Sabrina Chaw

Assistant to David Deida and masterful guide for unleashing women’s courage, juice, and power through embodiment practices, spirituality, psychology and nutrition.

jenalaflamme 130pxfeasting with pleasure

with Jenna LaFlamme

Pleasurable Weight Loss Expert; Helping women get their dream body pleasurably, by trusting and working with bodily wisdom, rather than fighting and struggling against it.

sheri winstonexpanding your sensual potential

with Sheri Winston – CNM, RN, BSN, LMT

Founder and Executive Director of The Center for the Intimate Arts Center

Offering empowering erotic education for men and women, informed by fifteen years as nurse-midwife, gynecology practitioner, registered nurse, holistic healer, childbirth educator and massage therapist.

alisa vittiembodied time management

with Alisa Vitti

Founder and CEO, FLO Living

Author of WomanCode and integrative nutritionist who teaches women how to use their hormonal & neurochemical patterns to create extraordinary lives.


splotch_bullet the glue: sisterhood:

a curated, intimate tribe of extraordinary women.

Sisterhoodso you become encircled by fellow feminine geniuses who celebrate your light as well as your dark, gently reflect your blind spots and are deeply invested in your success.

in addition to small bi-weekly group sister circles, you’ll deepen your bonds on the online forum, group classes and in-person retreats.

note:  your fellow tribeswoman will seem so gorgeous, accomplished and wise that sometimes you’ll be tempted to feel small and lame in comparison – and she’ll snap you out of it in a hot minute, a shiny mirror to your always-was-there brilliance.


so, the short list:


  • 6 months of my undivided attention within a strong, sacred container
  • 4 deep-dive Belief Re-Patterning sessions
  • 4 coaching sessions
  • 5 monthly Feminine Embodiment Practices group training classes
  • 3 guest luminary group training sessions
  • 2 in-person retreats (partially inclusive)

retreat #1:  july 21-24, 2016 in the heart of SF bay area, CA

retreat #2:  october 27-30, 2016 in san francisco, CA 

  • private forum and virtual support in between sessions/retreats
  • weekly small group sister circles
  • kicks off with our first group training class on june 22, 2016
  • extras, surprises & goodies, oh my! (I can’t reveal all my secrets!)

applications open and interviews begin april 21, 2016!

div_hz_red don’t love those bullet-points? prefer a flowery descriptive passage? then, imagine this …

… the first week of the first month, we kick it off with a group training class on the

phone where you learn the language your body speaks to you in; the second week you’ll dive

deep in a 2-hour Belief Re-Patterning session, where you’ll shift at the source one of the

biggest, most painful patterns of your life; the third week, you meet with your small group

sister circle for seeing, support and celebration; and the fourth week, we pull it all together

with our blissful hour-long, private coaching session …

… the second month, you’re packing your bag for our first retreat in beautiful,

glowing grass valley, in SF bay area, CA, leaving enough room for surprises and goodies

that will need to go home with you, of course.  you’re wondering if you’ve known these

women for a few weeks or a few lifetimes.  the online forums become your lifeline.  you

get your socks knocked off with the first few guest luminary training classes, altering

how you eat, breathe and feel.

onward we go, go deeper still:  limiting layers fall away like onion skins; you emerge

more and more radiant

… in the fifth month, you pack your bags again for our second retreat, with even

more space this time, since you’ve all unloaded so much “personal baggage” along the way.

you arrive already feeling bonded for life with this group of phenomenal women and more

audaciously embodied than ever in your life; yet, on the very first day realize you’ve only

scratched the surface and you’re about to go ALL.  THE.  WAY.  IN.

… in the last month, you have more of our sessions, edge-cutting classes and support

of your sisters to hold you when the your bright, joyful peaks give way to your dark, tough

valleys and you begin see in your body a strength and power that takes your breath away,

and that’s here to stay.  the last week of the last month, we end as we began, with a group

training class like none other, going out with a celebratory bang.  you feel far from perfect,

but you feel whole and you feel home.



join me

& this small, select, game-changing sister-tribe


this EXPERIENCE won’t

make you (or your life) perfect…

but it will become

impossible to feel truly lost, ever again.


this will be your EXPERIENCE

of coming home

as well as one of becoming home.





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join me

& this small, select, game-changing sister-tribe